How the Cost of Las Vegas Auto Insurance Premiums is Calculated

cost-of-Las-Vegas-auto-insurance-premiumsAuto insurance in Nevada will cover just about any type of vehicle, really, from personal cars to motorbikes and trucks. It will cover the driver financially, in the event of an accident that causes damage against other vehicles, people’s property or injuries sustained by the driver, passengers, or any other third parties affected. It’s a good idea to buy car insurance if you live in Las Vegas, for several reasons, which are not going to be debated in today’s post. However, first things first: if you’ve recently moved into Nevada or have never held car coverage before, it’s a good idea to understand what goes into the cost of Las Vegas auto insurance premiums.

Factors that influence the cost of Las Vegas auto insurance premiums

While the list below is by no means exhaustive, it’s a good starting point toward understanding what goes into your premium costs. Should you decide to start shopping for insurance soon, you should know that there are certain factors you can influence, in order to save on the cost of car insurance coverage, and others which are, by and large, inalterable.

The kind of car you drive

Car insurers will look both at the type, as well as at the make and model of vehicle you drive, when they work out the cost of Las Vegas auto insurance premiums. Motorcycles and trucks are usually regarded as having a higher degree of risk, since they are involved in more accidents than regular cars and, of course, since most trucks are driven by professionals, for long durations at a time. Then, if you drive a particularly expensive or exotic car, you should also expect to pay high premiums, since your insurer might consider it difficult for a local Las Vegas body or repair shop to find the necessary spare parts.

Your age and marital status

While marital status can change, and with it the cost of Las Vegas auto insurance premiums, your age is just something you’re going to have to deal with. Needless to say, younger drivers have to pay higher premiums, for insurers in Las Vegas tend to regard them as higher risk, when it comes to filing claims for accidents.

The number of people who drive your car

Somewhat tied in to the above point is this one. Basically, if you’re a parent and have kids driving your car on a regular basis, you should expect to pay higher premiums, given the liability they represent for insurers, as outlined above.

Your address

It might strike you as unfair, but the area in which you live can also have a bearing on how much you pay for car insurance in Las Vegas. That’s because certain areas have higher levels of criminal activity than others. From the perspective of an insurer, this means that your car is more likely to get stolen than others.

Your driving record

This, of course, is the one factor you can definitely improve. Safe driving pays off, in terms of premium costs. And even if there are, indeed, a few blotches on your track record, you can still make amends by taking road safety classes offered by the Nevada DMV.