Need Electric Car Insurance? Las Vegas Is the Place to Be

electric-car-insurance-las-vegasMost big city denizens have fully understood that hybrid and electric vehicles are the future. As the crisis of non-renewable fuels deepens, the demand for affordable electric cars increases by equal measure. Now, when it comes to the affordability factor of one type of vehicle over the other, the discussion becomes all the more complex, as issues of safety, convenience, and of course coverage, all come into play. Luckily, in terms of electric car insurance Las Vegas definitely has an edge, which also applies to most of the other aspects related to ‘driving green’.

Where can you charge electric cars in Las Vegas?

If you’ve ever driven down The Strip, then you know Las Vegas is in no shortage of electric power. Aside from the traditional sources of electricity, this major Nevada metropolis has recently also implemented alternative sources. Nowadays in Nevada you can even charge your electric vehicle via a solar powered charging station, run by the Solar NV non-profit organization. Irrespective of what kind of source for power they use, there are plenty of spots where you can charge your electric car in Las Vegas. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • The parking garage at The Shoppes at Mandalay Palace, on The Strip, comes with several free charging stations for electric cars. While your car charges, you can head on down to the shops, pubs, and restaurants located close by, to enjoy your down time.
  • The Las Vegas Convention Center is both a landmark and a hotspot in Las Vegas, not to mention the fact that it’s one of the most bustling business centers in the United States. It also comes with 24/7 charging station for electric cars that also happens to be completely free.
  • The Stupak Community Center is one of the best places in the city to work out, practice your walking on the track, or even play basketball on a full-size court. Meanwhile, as you’re working up a sweat, your electric car can charge at one of the available charging stations.

So, now that you know charging your electric vehicle is not an issue, what about electric car insurance Las Vegas options, rates, and policies?

Shop around for electric car insurance: Las Vegas has got a great market

Most drivers need to shop around, compare price quotes and rates, and weigh all their options carefully before deciding on a car insurance provider. They will spare no effort in their quest for the most affordable coverage policy. Electric vehicle owners need to do just the same, but for the opposite reasons. Drivers who own eco-friendly cars, such as electrically powered ones, may be eligible for car insurance bonuses, given the fact that their vehicle ranks very low in terms of carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. Add to this the fact that Nevada is one of the country’s most environmentally concerned states. For electric car insurance Las Vegas offers plenty of options, but the key to consumer satisfaction is to make sure you are being properly rewarded for your mindfulness toward the environment.