Why Get Your Car Insured in Las Vegas? 5 Reasons

get-your-car-insured-in-Las-VegasIf you’ve just moved into Las Vegas and are thinking of driving to get around, you might want to get your car insured in Las Vegas. Of course, this comes at a cost, so if you’re still unsure what to do, here are 5 good reasons to purchase vehicle coverage here.

#1 For safety

The reason at the top of our list is basic safety. Accidents are traumatic events, so the most basic and commonsensical reason to get your car insured in Las Vegas is so that you are at least partly relieved of the financial burden that such an occurrence brings along. Not only can car insurance handle damage costs and medical care expenses, but in most cases it will also cover for the theft of your car, as well as to any damages it sustains, even if it wasn’t being driven at the time the accidents occurred.

#2 To avoid lawsuits

Do you want to get sued, immediately after you’ve been involved (in any way) in a car accident? We think not – who does, after all? As such, if you want to avoid this problem, make sure to get your car insured. You’ll be protecting your time and energy, as well as the investment that is your car. Customary practices, in the event of a car crash, is to provide and request the name of the drivers’ insurance provider, as well as their car insurance card number. Needless to say, in the event that you do have to go through a crash and are unable to provide that information, you can expect to get sued.

#3 To be able to drive…

The minimum liability limits in Nevada, just like in most other U.S. states, are 15/30/10. That means you cannot even get your car registered, unless you make proof that you’ve insured your car at those minimum costs. These limits refer to the amount paid per person in the case of bodily injuries sustained as the result of a car crash (no more than $15,000 per person and no more than $30,000 per event). The “10” in that string of numbers means that your insurer will pay up to $10,000 in the case of property damage resulted from a car crash. Bear in mind that these minimum liability limits do not also cover for losses on your part, should the accident be your fault.

#4 For peace of mind

Car insurance minimums work as explained above. However, when you get your car insured in Las Vegas, you can also choose to opt for other types of coverage plans. You may select car coverage, property damage cover, physical injury cover, medical coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision insurance. Your car insurance plan can be completely tailored, depending on your own needs, but most Las Vegas insurers will recommend that you take out comprehensive coverage, since it can really take the bulk of spending off your hands.

#5 For your family

If you’re a parent, have children who drive your car, and are insured, it is almost mandatory that you also include them on your car insurance plan. Bear in mind that teens are considered higher liabilities by car insurers, so it might cost you more to have them on your premium than it did before – but isn’t their safety worth this price?