Important Considerations When Purchasing Auto Insurance For Passenger Vans

Passenger vans are an essential mode of transportation for many businesses in addition to non-profit and school groups for the safe and easy transit of as many as 15 individuals at the same time. Passenger vans are just like passenger automobiles when it comes to being required to have insurance coverage for at least the minimum requirements as mandated by the state in which the vehicle is registered. Because employees as well as passengers are involved in the operation of passenger vans, it is also more essential than ever that the proper amount of liability insurance be secured, because this is the type of insurance that will pay for any damage or injuries caused to other parties in the event of an accident and can help avoid having an organization or business face financial ruin from being sued for being underinsured.

Other Options

Auto Insurance for Passenger VansAlthough liability insurance is mandatory in addition to providing van operators with peace of mind when operating a passenger van, physical damage coverage is an option worth investigating. This additional insurance coverage covers any physical damage sustained by your passenger van in the event of a collision, whether the incident involves the van sliding into a pole or tree, or involves a collision with another vehicle. Collision damage waiver and loss damage waiver insurance coverage is also desirable because the insurance company will pay toward any damages sustained no matter who is judged to be at fault. This insurance option also helps to protect the driver’s personal auto insurance premium from rising if he is involved in an accident while driving a passenger van that he doesn’t own himself.

Personal Versus Commercial

How you intend to use the passenger van will influence how your insurance company calculates the premiums charged for coverage. Depending on whether the van is used for business, daily commuting or even leisure trips will help your agent decide if you need personal auto insurance coverage or a commercial policy to adequately protect you and your assets in the event of an accident. Most passenger vans used to transport individuals on a daily basis to and from work or to and from events such as senior meal programs and educational or church-sponsored programs will need to apply for commercial van insurance.

15 Passenger Vans

Although 15 passenger vans are very popular and among the most often type of passenger vans used by schools and churches, they have a very poor safety track record and a history of rolling over when involved in crashes. Before purchasing any make or model of passenger van, check the safety rating on that specific model and how it may impact the amount of insurance premiums charged by your insurance company. If can pay to invest more in a late-model passenger van with more safety features rather than a pre-owed 15 passenger van that has fewer safety protections and has a higher risk of injury and damage in an accident.

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