Las Vegas Car Insurance Membership Discounts

Everyone is looking for a break on the high cost of auto insurance these days. Especially in the fragile economy that is Las Vegas. Scoring a discount on insurance can take a little shopping, which clubs you join, or it could come down to what company you work for.

Discounts from Traditional Insurance

Las Vegas Car Insurance Membership Discounts and Multi-Line Insurance PoliciesThe most traditional route to insurance discount heaven is the through the traditional big name insurance company. Firms such as Allstate, State Farm, and Farmers advertise heavily on the hopes that a prospective consumer will switch to their service. In fact, the major discounts coming from these companies are more about how long you stay with the current company. In most cases, the longer you are with any one company, the better class of insurance they can offer you, and at better premium rates. Loyalty rewards, and the insurance industry is no exception. Don’t forget about your standard discounts for multi-line (for having multiple policies), multi-car, and home owner’s policies. Some larger insurers also offer discounts for drivers who are willing to take safe driving courses. This applies especially true for teens and young adults.

Las Vegas Club Membership Discounts

Club memberships are the next best way to get a discount on your auto insurance. The most famous is AAA auto club. Most people associate this organization with their world famous roadside assistance program, AAA also offer discounts on their brand of insurance. Some larger insurance firms will provide a discount for being a member of AAA as a way of cutting costs against their own roadside assistance programs. Club memberships can also mean refer to the large warehouse retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club. Each offer members discounts on car insurance through partner insurers (Costco works with Ameriprise Financial for example). Also look towards your fraternal organizations, national membership organizations, or anything else with a membership enrollment fee. Organizations like the NRA, AOPA, and National Geographic Society are among the organizations offering discounts to their members.

School Insurance Discounts

Closer to home in Las Vegas, look to your Alma matter for insurance discounts. The UNLV alumni association offers a special 15 percent discount in association with AAA for graduates to take advantage of. Other Nevada university alumni associations also offer discounts including University of Nevada – Reno.

Insurance Discounts From Las Vegas Employers

Las Vegas Car Insurance Membership DiscountsFinally, one of the most overlooked sources of discounts for auto insurance in Las Vegas is the place you work at. Many larger employers offer some type of discount to their employees. This can be directly through the company as in the case of Wynn Resorts which offer discounts through their partnerships with larger insurance companies. Station Casinos is another example of a larger employer in Sin City that has a partnership membership for its employee’s auto insurance needs. Las Vegas is a union town, so if your employer does not offer a discount package that includes a break on your auto insurance, then look to your local union representative. One of the largest in Las Vegas, the Culinary Workers Union local 226 offers a wide variety of benefits to union members including auto insurance discounts through Farmers insurance. This comes at no charge to the union member other than the normal annual dues.

Finding an auto insurance discount in Las Vegas is not hard. It’s all about who you know, what you do, and where you work. Auto insurance is expensive and finding the best rate with the help of a few discounts makes saving for that next new car purchase that much easier.