How Las Vegas Car Insurance Rates Are Influenced by the Weather

insurance ratesLook, we all know that Las Vegas car insurance rates can get a little high. No need to over-dramatize and call them mile-high, but still. Although the reasons for this pricey insurance can be traced to many other factors (like the soaring accident rates in the state, caused in turn by the gambling and substance abuse-related life-style), weather plays a part in this as well. Let’s take a look how.

The Harsh Nevada Weather

You’ve probably noticed how in the event of an accident, when you have to file that insurance claim to get some coverage on damages, an important section is related to whether the accident was your fault or not. But even more important to the insurer is how your track record looks like: even if you weren’t at fault in previous claims, the company doesn’t like clients involved in too many such insurance claims, for obvious reasons. Therefore, you fault somehow becomes less relevant in the bigger picture.

What we want to point out now is the extent of the number of people in the Las Vegas area (and the whole of Nevada, actually), who fill out insurance claims stating they were “not at fault” for accidents caused in fact by the weather. You guessed it: those accidents happen here quite a lot, which leads to many people filling in such forms, which in turn leads to higher financial pressure on the insurance companies. And this folks, is how the Las Vegas car insurance rates go up (along with other factors, of course, but still, this is a pretty hidden one).

As for the weather itself, everyone knows how the Nevada area weather is hot and dry. But what most people don’t think about is how this hotness actually leads to a pernicious number of storms and forest fires and so on. These phenomena all end up causing accidents and way more car damage than friendlier climates.


Face the Las Vegas Car Insurance Rates Better

Still, if you reside in the greater Nevada area, chances are you will be more exposed to such weather-related accidents than people who actually live in Las Vegas. The reason for this is that a larger city and capitals in general offer more shelter from extreme weather effects like storms and fires or natural calamities, compared to less intensely urbanized areas. So, in this light, living in Las Vegas may give you somewhat of an advantage, even if you still need to accept the relatively high Las Vegas car insurance rates.

On the other hand, living in the city, while protecting you from the weather, may still have its disadvantages by exposing you to accidents of a different nature: a lot of people who drive after partying hard. But try to look at the bright side: while both that and the weather tend to cause the Las Vegas car insurance rates to be slightly higher, at least you’re not exposed to the dangers of any calamity too soon. Also, if you’re careful when choosing a good insurance dealer in Las Vegas you’ll be eligible to receive some discounts and overall your expenses will be more manageable. Good luck!