Is Cut Rate Car Insurance in Las Vegas Worth It?

Cut Rate Car Insurance in Las Vegas

No one ever wants to end up overpaying for insurance, yet so many drivers do. These drivers simply fall victim to the cunning marketing strategies practiced by some insurers. Buzzwords such as ‘cut rate car insurance’ and bait and switch premium price tactics for comparison shoppers have managed to trick a lot of Nevada drivers already. In today’s post, we examine the clever ways to cut your car insurance costs. Hint: it has nothing to do with … [Read more...]

Henderson Police Department Crosswalk Safety Campaign

From April 22 to May 13, the Henderson Police Department in Las Vegas, NV will run an enforcement campaign aimed at drivers and pedestrians that choose to disregard crosswalk laws. The city’s traffic officers will patrol the streets during those three weeks seeking to identify drivers that disregard the pedestrians’ rights at the crosswalk. Henderson Police Department officers will also target pedestrians who disregard their own safety and break … [Read more...]

How Las Vegas Car Insurance is Influenced by DUI and DWI Laws

nevada dui

Driving in Las Vegas is a pleasure and a privilege, provided you don't have a drinking problem and you never even think about igniting your car's engine while being under the influence. However, not everybody respects the law and Las Vegas isn't quite the place to avoid temptation. According to the sources, Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents in the United States, as well as in Nevada. It is estimated that one in three … [Read more...]

All You Need to Know About Nevada’s DMV Live Program


In most situations there is no need to visit a DMV office for insurance issues. The internet or telephone will be more then enough. In addition to this, updating policy data with the DMV will result in changes of coverage or companies. Minimum coverage for Nevada is 15/30/10 and your company must have your vehicle registered . If your insurance is not written for Nevada, and you drop the liability insurance, you will have to cancel registration … [Read more...]

Better Road Safety Could Lower Car Premium Costs in Las Vegas


Families moving from out of state into Nevada are often shocked to find out how much their vehicle insurance premium costs increase overnight. A story reported by the Las Vegas Sun in 2004 discusses what has been termed ‘sticker shock’ and the associated expensive car premiums it comes along with. The story was based on one family, who found their insurance expenses shoot up from $1,200 in Washington to $1,800 in Nevada almost overnight. At the … [Read more...]

The Nevada DMV Las Vegas Car Insurance Policy Regulations


The Nevada Department of Moving Vehicles has several regulations and programs set in place, which help keep the state’s roads safe. There are several ways in which they make sure state laws are upheld, in the sense that no uninsured motorists are out there on public roads. They have to validate the insurance coverage of all the vehicles that get registered in the state, so you, the policyholder, need to make sure you’re providing them with … [Read more...]

How to Cancel Your Car Insurance in Las Vegas


By and large, canceling your car insurance in Las Vegas is not a good idea, since the costs of car repair and potential medical costs caused by an accident are likely to take a heavy toll on one’s personal budget. However, in certain situations, annulling a car coverage policy simply needs to be taken care of, for instance when you sell your car without buying a new one, or when you cancel the policy of a family member who passes away. In case … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Finding Good Las Vegas Classic Car Insurance


If you’re the kind of person to drive a classic car in Las Vegas, then you are definitely on the market for a reputable auto insurance provider. After all, a vintage vehicle is the perfect accessory in this city – yet it also comes across as a major liability, which you will want to protect against the often reckless driving that the city can be a backdrop for. So here is our selection of the top five tips you will want to bear in mind, when … [Read more...]

How to Take Care of Car Repair and Insurance after an Accident in Las Vegas


At first sight, being involved in a car accident, albeit a most unfortunate occurrence, doesn’t necessarily have to turn into a complicated issue. Provided there are no casualties involved, a car accident in Las Vegas, like just about anywhere else in the United States, simply means you need to get your car fixed. This, in turn, means you need to find a reliable, trustworthy, and accessible body shop. This is also the point in the story when the … [Read more...]

Will Filing a Claim Cause a Car Insurance Rate Increase in Las Vegas?


What goes into a car insurance rate increase in Las Vegas? That's a simple question, with a rather complex set of answers. Determining the best course of action, when it comes to filing a car insurance claim in Las Vegas can turn out to be a rather complex situation. First off, the policy holder needs to figure out whether it would be best for them to pay for the cost out of their own pocket or simply pay for their Las Vegas car insurance … [Read more...]